Making every business a drive-thru



Parking not required

Businesses get a real time alert when you arrive, meaning no parking or calling needed.

Ditch the wait

You'll get real time alerts when your order is ready, meaning your food won't get cold.

Slash the fees

Save up to 40% on fees while supporting local businesses (they keep more profit than delivery.)

1. Place Your Order

Curbside ordering is easy with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Credit Card payments. No app needed.

2. Notified Order Is Ready

SMS Email and Push notifications are sent. Customers know when to pickup their order.

3. Merchant Alerted On Arrival

SMS Email and Push notifications are sent so the merchant knows a customer has arrived.

About CurbAware Curbside Ordering

CurbAware improves curbside ordering for restaurants, stores, and services. How it works: Order the food. Get a text message when the order is ready.  Show up and hit a text button to alert your arrival. The location will bring your order out. We make sure each merchant fits our quality guidelines.

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