Curbside Management System

Manage curbside pickup at restaurants, dry cleaners, salons, stores, and more.

CurbAware makes every restaurant a drive-thru with curbside notifications. Get an alert when your customers arrive for their order. Take orders through your own iPhone, Android, and web ordering app managed with our curbside management system. 

The easiest way to manage curbside pickups.

Fully compatible with Shopify, Square, Stripe, Paypal.

1. Order Status Sent

Customers are alerted to their order status to keep them informed of progress.

2. Order Ready Notification

Send alerts via text, email, push notification when an order is ready.

3. Alerted on Customer Arrival

Know when customers arrive including their vehicle description, order number, and name.

Your own branded app.
Fully customizable.
Updates sync to the app.

CurbAware Ordering Manager

Manage your store on the web, your tablet, or your mobile phone. Get alerts with each new order including vehicle information, order type, and the entire order information.
  • Arrival alerts with customer vehicle information
  • Alert customers their order is ready
  • Accept Curbside and Pickup Orders
  • Manage incoming orders on phones and tablets


Unlimited Menus

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more. Have your items available whenever you want.

Real Time Updates

You have full control over your menu to make changes which will be live as soon as you publish them.

Inventory Management

You have full control over your menu to make changes which will be live as soon as you publish them.

Real Time Reports

Enjoy a full reporting system that shows you in depth information from when to fully understand your customer behavior.

Contactless Ordering

Take orders from the web or app with no contact needed. All payments are handled right from the app.

Custom Website Ordering Page

Get your own page to order right from the web. Customize the appearance to match your brand.

Allows For Pre-Ordering

Customers can make orders even when you aren't open. You can choose to allow or not allow for preordering.

Customer Engagement

Send notifications to your customers and alert them to changes and promotions. Fully connect with your customers.

Providing An Affordable Ordering Alternative