Reduce Predatory GrubHub Fees With Curbside Ordering

Let’s face it, GrubHub fees are far too high! Local cities have had to come in to cap their ever growing fees. While restaurants suffer during the pandemic, GrubHub makes more than ever, pushing their fees onto restaurants and customers.

Grubhub’s profit-sneaking tactics

  1. Replacing phone numbers –  Yelp, a Grubhub partner, has been replacing restaurant phone numbers with a fake number generated by Grubhub. (1)

  2. Adding restaurants without their permission – “Nearly half of all the restaurants now listed on Grubhub never agreed to join the platform.”  (2)

  3. Charging high fees to restaurants – A restaurant took in “$1,042.63 worth of orders during the month — but only pocketed $376.54 after all of Grubhub’s fees were deducted.” (3)

Reducing Grubhub Fees By Promoting Curbside Pickup

By making curbside pickup more efficient and easier, we can persuade customers to use pickup orders more than delivery, which adds tons of fees.

Restaurants keep 100% of the menu price when customers order through CurbAware. This is a comparison of Curbside ordering vs Pickup with these numbers coming from GrubHub’s own sales page.

Ready to Add Curbside With CurbAware? Add a restaurant, free!

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