Free Alternative to Shopify With Curbside

There is a free way to add curbside ordering to Shopify. CurbAware offers Shopify customers the easiest way to add their menu and start taking curbside notifications.

We created this solution after we noticed that Shopify charges for features that should be free.

Shopify Monthly Cost Vs CurbAware

Currently at writing this you need to pay at least $29 per month to host your ordering site with Shopify. CurbAware currently charges no monthly fees. That means you can host your restaurant or store and add curbside for nothing.

Customizing Your Site

Currently CurbAware offers three customization options. Shopify does offer more ways to customize. However, keep in mind that CurbAware only picks designs that are optimized for ordering.

The Best Free Alternative to GloriaFood

GloriaFood doesn’t come free, which is why we created a restaurant solution that makes hosting your own menu affordable so you can improve your profits.

Why CurbAware?

We offer the features you need to keep your restaurant sustainable during the time of covid. This means curbside notifications, something that we simply do better than GloriaFood. At the same time we do it free.

Why Pay for a Mobile App?

Gloriafood charges for a mobile app. We include an app completely free. Why should you pay a high monthly fee for something we can easily develop? We’ll get you up and running in no time so you can offer your own app for online order as well.

Free Alternative to UpMenu

Get a completely free ordering system when you get this UpMenu alternative available. What should you be looking for in a free alternative? You want a menu service that can provide you choices in managing your menu.

CurbAware Providing Curbside Notifications

When it comes to CurbAware, unlike services like UpMenu, it provides a free curbside ordering solution sending it right to your mobile phone. This is the best way to notify your customers about new orders.

A comparison of UpMenu pricing vs CurbAware

No commission, online ordering. Start selling within 5 minutes.

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