List of Restaurants Using Curbside Pickup

Carrabbas – They offer both pickup and delivery. I had used their pickup option once and they do a great job of packaging the food and overall had a good experience with their curbside pickup option.

Outback Steakhouse – They let you get their great food like steaks to go. They do a great job making sure your food is hot and taste as great as eating in.

Applebees – They’ve been around and offering curbside pickup for quite awhile. They even have a place to park in order to get the items. Just drive to the restaurant, park in a designated pickup spot, respond to the order confirmation text.

Potbelly – Certain locations have curbside pickup. Options vary by store. Some locations provide curbside pickup.

Google Adds Curbside Pickup To Map Listings

There is more reason than ever to take advantage of a Curbside pickup service. With a new update, businesses can now access a new ‘Curbside Pickup’ label. This label gets added to their local inventory ads for relevant businesses in the top feed. 

At the same time, Google My Business profiles now have the option of showing curbside pickup.

Google provides a curbside guide on how to add this implementation to your business.

CurbAware Launches Beta Access Nationwide

Besides for working with its initial customer base, CurbAware launched an exclusive beta access to business Nationwide. Now any business can sign up and will be approved on a rolling basis.

Customers admitted get the full range of tools offered by CurbAware and are able to immediately start offering effective CurbSide service.

CurbAware Responds To The Covid 19 Curbside Crisis

CurbAware was launched initially to help smaller businesses more rapidly adapt to the changing needs of their customers. While many businesses had plans to offer curbside pickup, it became apparent that they needed a much faster solution.

Because businesses became so hard hit by their reduction in customers, and often after having being closed for up to a total of two months, CurbAware volunteered and offered businesses free usage of their service. This meant they could quickly implement curbside service and convince more customers to still buy products from their local businesses.